Taidii Got a Leg Up through Fintech Call 2015

The Fintech Call aims to plug promising Filipino startups into the technology and industry ecosystem through a highly flexible acceleration program in Singapore and Silicon Valley in California.

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Taidii’s Founder Won the Leading Technological Talent Award with Taidii System

Jinji Lake Double Hundred Talents Program was launched by Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) starting from 2010, for the purpose of promoting technical innovation and gathering of talents, in order to build SIP into an international talent highland of distinct intellectual and economic characteristics, the first choice for high-end talents in innovation and start-up endeavors by attracting talents and leading SIP industries via talents.

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Taidii Won SiTF Awards 2015: Best Innovative Award (Growth Stage) Bronze winner

The SiTF Awards, first organised by the Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) in 2009, serves as an important platform to recognise and celebrate home-grown startups that have demonstrated significant innovation in technology in both the public and private sectors. This year’s 30 innovative product trophy winners, selected from a pool of 92 finalists and 300 nominees, are an exemplification of, and testament to Singapore’s growing vision towards a Smart Nation.

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The Straits Times

New scheme to raise efficiency of preschools
technology already in use includes the Vitals and Attendance Monitoring System, which measure children’s temperature and weight as they stand on a platform, then feeds the information into the centre’s database…

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Childcare centers: low take-up of schemes to improve productivity
Minister of State (Community Development, Youth and Sports) Halimah Yacob… pointed out that innovations like VAMS can cut down teachers’ routine duties, giving them more time for qualitative work…

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Lianhe Zaobao

哈莉玛昨早参观位于勿洛水池 路 的 现 代 国 际 蒙 特 梭 利 集 团(Modern Montessori International,简称MMI)中心,了解托儿所如何借助“身体检查及点名系统”(Vitals and Attendance Monitoring System),减轻每天为学生测量和记录三次体温的烦琐工作

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Lianhe Wanbao


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Shin Min Daily News

哈莉玛今早示范如何使用机器(Vital & Attendance Monitoring Systames, 简称VAMS)来测量温度。VAMS能够在测量学生的温度后,直接把资料输进电脑,为教师省却不少工作量,也是托儿所引进科技提升效率的方法。

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Berita Harian

“Sistem baru awasi suhu badan kanak-kanak di pusat penjagaan”

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MSF Singapore Official Facebook

Minister-of-State Mdm Halimah Yacob visited Modern Montessori Preschool to look at the new Vitals and Attendance Monitoring System which helps ease the temperature-taking process in pre-schools…

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