Our Company

Taidii is a Singapore-based company that aspires to provide world-class technology products and services to preschools.

Using the latest sensor technology, Taidii helps preschools to improve their productivity and service quality. We have proven track records with hundreds of kindergartens across Singapore and China. Since its initial B2B product offering, Taidii is now quickly expanding into the B2C market for parents of students. With our comprehensive database, Taidii provides value-added services such as school communication and social networking services to parents.

Our patented products will fill gaps in the preschool market and provide better care for our children!

Our Team

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Wang Bin
Founder & CEO

Wang Bin holds more than seven years of experience on sensor fusion and intelligent systems, while accumulating rich start-up experience over the past 4 years. Mr Wang was the key inventor on several technological innovations on sensor fusion. Mr Wang graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Engineering. Mr Wang is currently in charge of running Taidii’s daily operations.

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Michael Yap

Mr Yap has served as a public servant with key management roles in the Media Development Authority (MDA) and National Computer Board (NCB) to drive the national agenda on digital media, info-communications and innovation. Mr Yap has also worked in top management within the private sector including Oracle, Comex and other investment firms. Mr Yap is a co-founder of Taidii and contributes to shaping the company's development.

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Prof. Shuzhi Sam Ge

As a full Professor in National University of Singapore, and Director of Social Robotics Lab, National University of Singapore, Prof Ge has been among the top researchers in autonomous robotics (sensor fusion, path planning and decision making), intelligence control, and intelligent interactive media fusion. Prof Ge has helped Taidii with technological innovations and has brought on board younger talents with strong technical capabilities.