Taidii Preschool Management System

Taidii System provides
holistic management modules
designed specially for needs of
preschool management


Children Management

With Student management module, schools can easily manage children’s personal information, attendance and Vitals tracking record, parent enquiry and enrollment of new students.

Teachers Management

Using the teacher management module, administrators can manage teacher's attendance, schedule leaves and sick-leaves/MC. This provides an efficient and clean platform for teachers and administrators to stay connected.

Curriculum Management

This component includes a teaching resource repository where teachers will be able to share teaching materials with one another, keeping everyone updated. The materials will be stored on a cloud and can be accessed by the teachers anywhere using their smart devices.

Centre Management

For the administrators, we are bringing in a comprehensive suite of services to help headquarter better manage the schools. Authorized administrators will be able to manage the profiles of all students and all staff within the system. The headquarter management module also gives notifications, analytical reports, reminders, and alerts for administrative tasks and provide updates of the school information through our cloud platform.

Finance Management

With finance module, schools are able to track the payment history of individual students and automatically compound the monthly fee that is pre-configured by the administrator. Ad-hoc amendments can also be made within the module to factor in extra costs or vice versa.

Portfolio Management

Photos and videos about children and school activities can be uploaded to the system through computer or mobile devise app. Teachers can easily tag students and retrieve photos to create student portfolio. Teachers can also upload and share templates for easier generation of portfolio.

Social Robot (VAMS)

Taidii’s self-developed Social Robot: VAMS (Vitals and Attendance Monitoring System) can easily measure temperature and weight of students and assist in signing in and out of children at one single moment.

These information will be unloaded to a cloud based server and synchronized to Taidii system. From there, reports about the vitals of children can be generated and exported in excel format. These reports will be useful for internal and external audit checks.

Teachers’ App and Parents’ App

Through Taidii teacher’s app, teachers can take picture and record videos of students, tag students and upload to Taidii system conveniently, receive notification and announcements from school management and communicate with parents easily by finding them in the server and interact through parent App.

With parent App ‘Diibear’, parents can receive health information, sign in/ sign out notification from the Taidii System server, and communicate directly with the school. Not only that, parents can see statuses of their children in school and photos of their children in various activities whenever the teachers upload and tag their children. This brings the parents closer to their children no matter where they are.